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About AWM


Australian Workplace Management, also known as AWM, has been assisting companies for over 20 years in the areas of Risk Management, Occupational Health and Safety, Quality Assurance, Environmental Management, Corporate Governance, Information Security Management, Human Resources Management and Industrial Relations.
AWM assists companies in achieving third party certification to the International and Australian Standards for ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems, AS/NZS 4801:2001 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems and ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management Systems, by offering an Integrated Management System solution.
Our team of specialised consultants have over 20 years of experience across a wide range of industries.
We pride ourselves on our ability to provide high quality, cost effective solutions for our clients needs.


Our Services

  • Quality Management Systems
  • Safety Management Systems
  • Environmental Management Systems
  • Integrated Management Systems
  • Information Security Management Systems
  • Risk Management
  • Business Consulting
  • Gap Analysis
  • Internal Audits
  • External Audit Assistance
  • Auditing
  • ISO Certification

Management Systems Development

AWM develops in consultation with clients high quality and cost effective Management Systems that incorporate the International and Australian Standards for ISO 9001 Quality Management System, AS/NZS 4801 Occupational Health and Safety Management System and ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems.
These Management Systems can be developed as single stand alone systems or integrated into one cohesive Integrated Management System. Using an Integrated Management System reduces the costs involved in third party certification and increases the effectiveness and use of the system within the workplace.


Comtrix - Web-Based Paperless Management System

Comtrix (Compliance Matrix) is a web-based Integrated Management System that can help you manage your Quality, Work Health and Safety and Environmental compliance.

Comtrix has been developed by AWM in accordance with the International and Australian Standards for ISO 9001:2008, AS/NZS 4801:2001, ISO 14001:2004, Work Health and Safety legislation and Codes of Practice for industry specific operational environments.

Comtrix can provide companies with new best practice Integrated Quality, Safety and Environmental Management Systems or integrate with your existing management system materials.