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Comtrix, the way of the future!
  Comtrix which was in development for several years is now being thought of as the future of management. It has been adopted by a variety of industry leading companies, as well as our own, and has proven to be more effective and efficient than the standard, hard copy, intranet based management systems.

It has the capabilities to manage several locations from anywhere in the world, reducing the need for state based managers. It has provided management with a single tool with real time reporting functions to analyse any and all information and results from forms completed using the online interactive management tool.

Comtrix can be tailored for any organisation, from any industry to suit the company’s specific requirements. This may range from a single Human Resource Management System to the more sophisticated Quality, Occupational Health and Safety, and Environmental Management System based on the International and Australian Standards and legislation. It has several functions that allow companies to search data, upload resources, complete forms, add new pages and categories, create new user accounts, and produce reports.

There is nothing Comtrix can’t do. If you require more information contact us today or visit www.comtrix.com.au.