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If it's not Australian Standard Approved, it's not safe

Due to the latest incident in Sydney involving the use of a non-Australian standard approved USB charger, in which a young man died from speaking over his mobile phone while it was charging, employers are being urged to ensure that all mobile phone chargers and USB ports are compliant with Australian Standards.

It is strongly advised that people take the following precautions in order to escape this avoidable incident:

1. Only use AUSTRALIAN STANDARD APPROVED electrical devices and equipment

2. Attach electrical cord to RCD before plugging into a socket/GPO

3. Test and Tag electrical devices/equipment that are used in hostile environments

4. Use AUSTRALIAN STANDARD APPROVED mobile phones from Australian business registered dealers

5. Always read the User Manual (even for mobile phones!)

6. Always check the voltage requirements on all electrical devices

7. Don’t use mobile phones while charging