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“Get Healthy at Work” Initiative

Get Healthy at Work is an important new NSW Government initiative that aims to help improve the health of working adults and appropriately manage health risks within your workplace.


The free service consists of an easy 5-step process involving:
1.    Getting the ball rolling
2.    Working out your needs
3.    Prioritising a health issue and developing a plan
4.    Implementing your program; and
5.    Monitoring and reviewing its effectiveness

This process is guided by the Australian Government and helps to establish a Workplace Health Program with all the tools, templates and resources you need to develop a simple action plan to address a priority health issue at your workplace. It also includes Brief Health Checks; a free and confidential service for workers completed either online or by a Health Professional at your workplace. It takes just 15 minutes and offers immediate feedback about an individual’s health and risk of developing type-2 diabetes and heart disease and provides advice on how to make changes for better health.

Improving the health of your workers is very beneficial to organisation success as a healthy worker is good for business both in the short-term, working better in a team, engaging more with their roles and generally enjoying work more, and in the long term, seen in greater staff retention, improved efficiency and an enhanced corporate image.

In the short-term, you'll be able to recognise a successful workplace health program by the way your team:

A healthy worker is also a safe worker. Best practice workplaces should be integrating workplace health into their management practices. As healthy workers are generally fitter, more aware and alert, more resilient against illness and as a result are involved in less workers workplace incidents.

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